Uncovering true value

hiPP made the bold decision to change their business model. They saw an opportunity to not only sell their products to wholesalers but also direct to the public. It was a perfect opportunity for them to attend one of our branding workshops, where we helped them to uncover the true value of their business, and what makes them different from their competition.


One finding from the workshop was that many competitors focus on product details and not what the products stand for. This would be an opportunity for hiPP to use an approach based on the emotion of the occasions when their products are used. The act of gift giving is not only about you, the giver but also a reflection of your style, taste and personality.

Building engagement

The outcome was a new website that was both functional and a great brand experience. Key objectives for the project were:

  • Content reflecting the brand’s character.
  • Develop customer engagement via social media and blog
  • Increased community involvement with a percentage of sales going to charity