Yep–all things equal the team at Creative Brew believe strongly that beer, taken internally, is generally a good thing. However, we are somewhat dubious about Carlsberg’s claim that its Beer Beauty series is possibly the best new range of male grooming products in the world!

This is no joke, Carlsberg’s R&D team has teamed up with Danish beauty brand Urtegaarden to create a refreshing and restorative range of men’s bath products, made with beer.

Their argument goes something like this; the main ingredients of good beer – yeast, hops and barley – are rich in vitamin B and proteins which are common ingredients in natural skin care products. So ergo, they think they can revolutionize the men’s skin care industry.

Now if you’re feeling parched and in need of a refreshing shower they ship next day, all over the world. Unfortunately when I visited the site they were out of stock! Aghhhh.

All good though, they have a waiting list – so my name is down for the trio of refreshing bath time goodies – a shampoo, conditioner and a body lotion. Think about it ladies, what a great gift set for the love in your life. Each bottle contains half a litre of freeze-dried Carlsberg’s famous beer that’s been frozen, powdered and blended in! They are also packed with Vitamin B and silicum which will help leave his hair shiny and strong and skin wonderfully moisturised…

but we’re thinking that the beer factor is what will intrigue men the most, but remember to…Shower responsibly and Groom responsibly!

So until my parcel arrives I can’t really recommend it. Let’s face it, the smell of stale beer is not attractive. But hey, as far as a brand promotion it’s got me talking about it.