SEO is challenging right, especially for smaller businesses? You’re competing against larger brands who have prestige, brand recognition, and bigger advertising budgets.

Not good!

Then you have the problem of trying to find the right company to trust your SEO to. Everyone wants your money but why the cloak and dagger stuff?

It shouldn’t be this hard today should it. Because small businesses are not be able to outspend their larger counterparts my suggestion is to concentrate your efforts on local search.

When geography is taken into account, there is often a much smaller big-brand presence in search results. That opens a window of opportunity for small businesses to gain useful organic search visibility.

Focusing on consumers looking for products and services in specific locales is a great way to limit the competition and give your businesses the ability to gain valuable real estate on search engine results pages.

The infographic below from our friends at Pick-a-web is a great intro for the DIY’s out there.

Click image to open interactive version (via Local SEO).