Jump onto Google and do an image search for “‘creative office spaces” or “ national geographic’s photography” and you’ll be reminded just how creative we humans can be. It continually amazes me how we never sit still as we go about creating our futures. As teams, as tribes and as individuals, there is a drive inherent in everyone of us that drives us to plan and design the world we’ll inhabit, constantly re-shaping our environment.

Think about Richard Branson and his ambitious plans to transform and commercialize access to space for the broader public.

Innovating and pushing the limits, even at the cost of human lives, can be a huge responsibility. The fatal Virgin Galactic crash that took Co-pilot Michael Alsbury’s life in November 2014 forced Richard to re-evaluate whether he should continue with his dream of civilian space travel. Shortly after the crash he wrote: ‘I found myself questioning seriously for the first time, whether in fact it was right to be backing the development of something that could result in such tragic circumstances.

Richard doubts were allayed when he arrived at the crash site and began talking to his team at the crash site.

‘From the designers, the builders, the engineers, the pilots and the whole community who passionately believed — and still believe — that truly opening space and making it accessible and safe is of vital importance to all our futures.’

While it is evident that true entrepreneurs are crystal clear on what that future should look like and they stop at nothing to create it, the same opportunity exists for you, the owners and creators of new growing brands.

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To convince and grow tribes to propel you brand along, the clearer and more focused you are on your purpose the easier your job will be. As a professional who works with growing brands, I believe that having clarity and focus on how you’ll communicate your purpose and vision to the world is one of the best ways smaller businesses can differentiate and succeed.

Clarity of purpose will allow you to make convincing arguments that invite people to help you fulfil your purpose.

  • Aēsop believe everyone should have access to the highest quality bathroom products. As a company they have long shied away from advertising and “the vulgarities of what retail can embody” and have built their name on rigorous ingredient and product research and attention to detail.
  • Emma & Tom’s are committed to helping all Australians look after themselves by offering nutritious, minimally processed whole fruit products that are good for you, and taste great too! They too have launched into a market dominated by international brands and have had tremendous success through their commitment to quality ingredients.
  • Nike believe “If you have a body, you are an athlete” and they want to inspire everyone of us to become the best we can be.

Take a look at Ripple, the recent film from Nike Golf. This really is a massive motivator for any athlete trying to be the best.

Follow the marketing message of any of the examples above and you will see that to gain a tribe and move people you have to be consistent with what you say and do. These companies who strongly believe in something and display purpose-driven leadership stand out from their competitors. In the new transparent online world you can’t get away with saying one thing and doing another, you have to walk your talk.

The common denominator linking the success of these small and large brands is purpose. When you demonstrate commitment to your purpose, your prospects are more likely to buy into and talk about your brand. That’s when the magic happens, that’s when you and your tribe take a step toward an imagined future together.

That’s when you business becomes a brand!