Looking to sell something online? It may be about to get a whole lot easier…    

Google, like every other major digital marketing platform, is trying to keep visitors on its pages as long as possible. Especially if they are about to buy something. So it is no surprise that details are emerging about a ‘Buy Button’ that will allow users to complete a purchase entirely within a paid search listing without having to visit the actual selling merchant. Search Engine Watch explained how the Google Buy Button is expected to work; creating an Amazon like situation where users store their payment information once with Google and use it to purchase from multiple selling merchants.

So what does that mean for SME’s?

Practical Ecommerce wrote a great article here looking at the commerce implications and saw a possible shift in importance between organic and paid/buy button listings. Ad Age explained why the Buy Button could be a big deal since it will provide a direct link between an ad and a sale.

…any day you’ll be able to buy while watching youtube!

Commerce will get a boost on YouTube even sooner. On Thursday YouTube announced that TrueView pre-roll video ads will allow merchants to include offers, images, and of course, a button to buy.

Being young at heart makes great business sense

The challenge every business is experiencing is to find new ways to stand out from the growing clutter, right? For 50-odd years, the traditional brand management tools – product, price, place and promotion – formed the basis of everybody’s marketing plan. Today it takes a bit – no, sorry – a lot more. You have to think about the experience you give your customers over and above your product or service.

How to build a killer brand!

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Growing fast? Maintaining your intimate customer experience with one easy hack

Congratulations! Your company’s growing and you’re hiring like crazy! But becoming a big company doesn’t mean you have to cut corners on customer experience. Gary Vaynerchuk, entrepreneur and author of Jab, Jab, Right Hook, explains how you can keep those tight-knit relationships with your customers as you grow.