Write high-performing AdWords ads every time

How frustrating is putting together Adwords copy? You need to fit all your ad copy into such a tiny space.

  • “Only 25 characters for the headline?!”
  • “I can’t use the word ‘click’? But that’s what I want them to do!”
  • “I can’t fit all my benefits and features here…”

To get cut through on the crowded Facebook feed you need to be VERY creative. So how do you do it?

Where the brand magic happens

Content, content and more content. Everybody is doing it and everybody is telling you it’s the key to attracting prospects and earning Google’s love!

But hey, Huffington Post posts more than 1200 articles a day and worldwide I’de hate to think how many pieces of great content gets shared hourly. If it is the fuel by which you promote your business and simply posting new, unique content regularly on your site is not enough… What do you do? Said Daily has an answer.

Why do some brands struggle while others kill it?

Looking around me I’m witnessing the digital divide growing everyday. Today’s savvy consumer is rejoicing in an ever growing mountain of choice and some brands are riding the wave, while others struggle with change.

In branding there is one fundamental component that guides success, and without it you’re paddling up stream without a paddle –

Why Smaller Brands Will Succeed In A Global Market

 The first wave of brand domination appears to be at an end. The super brands have conquered their markets, there will never be another Nike!

And according to Allen Adamson from Forbes magazine, the second wave is being driven by what demographers refer to as millennials, those born between about 1980 and 2000. If it’s true – this is great new for those of us who have small niche businesses.

30 Self-Help Books That Changed My Life

OK – who’s guilty of poo pooing self-help books? Time to fess up! I don’t. Certainly if they’re written by someone who either has tremendous credibility or someone with something real to say. It might just be the odd nugget that manages to pierce my thick skull. Here is a list of thirty books, yes thirty… fess up time I haven’t read all of them, but depending on my next midlife crisis who knows.