Just like Harry potter, we all want to kill the competition and be awesome right!

Everyone managing a business wants great work from their marketers and designers so they stand out and grow? And every company like mine wants to be the one creating the great work that drives sales.

The fact is, a whole lot of stars have to be aligned for those cash registers to start ringing out. For a brand to begin growing organically, with target prospects taking notice and customers talking about it, it requires a lot of thought and effort.

I’m often asked to help companies with their brand building. My response is always the same – there is no easy way. There has to be a purpose, there have to be solid foundations and there has to be a clear point of difference, and that’s just for starters. These elements must then be translated into an understanding of where you want to take your brand, with clear objectives to reach.

Today there are more services and products on offer than there is actual demand for them. To merely supply the market is not a great business move. If you can capture the hearts of your audience by creating desire for your product or services, you stand a far better chance of securing demand – and that is where branding and great marketing come into it.

Ultimately, everything must start with a brief. But briefing is the most under used marketing tool I know!


Yes, it’s only a document, but think of it as one that has the same secret powers as Harry Potter’s wand. A well-considered brief defines exactly how and what kind of brand you are planning to build. It is the beginning of the end story, your destination.

I thought it might help you to see how the most creative people in the world use the brief! This nicely put together mini documentary by Bassett & Partners (an American brand and strategy design firm) sets out to discover and explain the potential of a brief.

More power is in your hands than you realise when you set time aside for writing the brief for any creative task. To understand how to approach a creative brief and frame the briefing process (and you all need to), take a brief moment to watch this…

 photo credit: Historias Visuales via photopin cc