Who’s looking to pull off BIGGER things this year? Me for one!

So to kick the year off I went looking for inspiration. The first thing I did after two weeks away from the office was watch Simon Sinek’s inspiring TED talk, “Start with Why.”


If you are in business and you haven’t watched it, as a new year gift to yourself make sure you do.

It’s a powerful 17-minute lesson on marketing (and why yours may not be working). Simon argues that humans have a natural propensity to make decisions based on their ‘gut instinct’ and successful marketing relies on articulating the instinctive ‘drive’ or ‘why’ behind the products or services you sell.

Simon has some powerful examples but what he ultimately demonstrates is that the most successful products and services are highly differentiated from their competitors because they focus on their ‘why’.

He makes a lot of sense. Think about some of the world’s biggest brands like Apple – their advertising strategies start with why they make computers, not how they make them. They focus on selling the lifestyle they know their market aspires to instead of the all too obvious “our processors are faster than our competitors”.

The key here, and the real power of having your ‘why’ clear, is that it helps your business to clearly differentiate. No matter what market you play in, for your brand to succeed you must achieve differentiation. It’s the starting point to every great brand. I’ll say that again:

“Differentiation is the starting point to every great brand”.

Think about it, if you’re not different what are you? You can only be either similar or the same, and consumers will assess your product or service on price and price alone, leaving it destined to become just another commodity.

Frustratingly, Simon makes it sound so simple. Just get out there and lead with your WHY!

“How?” I hear you ask.

Understandably, most of us struggle with our ‘why’. It takes vision, commitment and a lot of hard work, but I think I have the key, or at least a starting point.

Essential to every company that leads with their ‘why’ is one dominant trait — BELIEF. They really do believe in their why! It’s not just a tag line that sounded good at the time. It’s taken vision and confidence to develop. It’s a deeply held belief that sets their business apart and unless everybody in the business believes it, then all their plans, effort and ambition will fail to hit the intended target.

Don’t you want every member of your team to believe what you believe? To believe in your company, to believe in your products, to believe in your mission!

At Creative Brew we believe that gaining a clearer understanding of branding is the single best thing businesses can do to ensure they will prosper and avoid drowning in an ocean of growing online mediocrity.

We believe that planning to achieve differentiation is the first crucial step to any online (and offline) marketing effort. And we believe that while customers come to us for website development and marketing strategies, our true value lies in providing valuable insights and guidance to help our clients identify and amplify their point of difference.

So, as 2014 begins and you leap into the year, I want you to commit to finding your ‘why’, leading with it and inspiring your team to help create more momentum and growth…

And remember:

  1. a superior brand is built with great marketing
  2. great marketing will help to position your brand as distinct
  3. great positioning relies on messages that highlight differentiation, and
  4. differentiation starts with your WHY.



photo credit: CEBImagery.com via photopin cc