Who remembers their first computer? Me, I’m an Apple man – and yes, the image above is my first computer (WTF!).  What about you, maybe you were lucky enough to have a Commodore 64, or maybe an Atari, or possibly an Olivetti?

If you’re feeling nostalgic and want the full list CLICK HERE – OMG, they even have a museum! But I digress.

Desktops are now pretty much relics and smartphones and tablets are quickly catching up to laptops as primary ways to access the Internet. How does your site look on your phone? One size—or website—no longer fits all. The ever-increasing number of platforms, devices (have you got a smart watch yet?) and screen sizes pose a dilemma for business.

How do you get your website to render optimally on every device, and is it important? Have you checked your Google Analytics to see what percentage of people view your site on a mobile device?

The next thing you will have to get your head around is responsive design. Check out the infographic below to see if you think your business needs to “get responsive”.

Responsive Design: The Next Great Hope or All Hype?Monetate Marketing