Have you ever thought about your ability to persuade and influence?

There’s no doubt that improving the ability to gain credibility and influence others in our day-to-day business life would be very handy for most of us. The skill to rapidly engage people and gain near-instantaneous adoption of our ideas (for good, not evil!) is an art that rivals public speaking.

The six steps to enhance your powers of persuasion.

The following video is an eye-opener. While simple and profound, the insights are awesome.

Dr. Robert Cialdini, Professor Emeritus at Arizona State University, has identified and explained the six principles that affect how persuasive we are. Together, they will:

  • Increase your engagement
  • Expand your confidence
  • Help you accumulate the necessary set of agreements that lead to and close sales, and push the adoption of your business, your cause and your mission.

Importantly, they are all ethical and cost-free to put in place – what a nice change!

Not since John Cleese’s video series on customer service have I been so inspired to share valuable content that you can put to good use.

How do you rate your powers of persuasion?  Richelle Mead, in her book Succubus Blues, knew exactly how to persuade men when she wrote:

“Well, that depends, I suppose. I heard someone once say that men dance the same way they have sex. So, if you want everyone here to think you’re the kind of guy who just sits around and—”

He stood up. “Let’s dance.”

photo credit: mystuart via photopin cc