Welcome back – to kick off the year on a positive note my first blog entry is something a little different!

If you’re up for big change in your life and business read on.

On the 18th of January (yes the 18th) in Melbourne there is a one-day event for entrepreneurs, small business owners and ‘corporate escapees’ that introduces the concept of the KPI Program.

For those in Sydney it is on Feb. 2

I know quite a few people who are going to be attending and wanted to bring it to your attention?

It’s a rewarding 8-hour “Brand Accelerator Day” and is made up of 5 speakers who will each deliver a potent 40 minute talk to arm small business owners with simple and proven methods for becoming highly valued and highly paid, no matter what your industry or expertise.


Through my own personal experience (I am 80% of the way through the KPI Program myself) I can not only recommend the program but I can offer you FREE tickets.

I would not mention this day in my blog if I didn’t think you would get great value by simply attending.

Follow this link for your FREE tickets: KPI Free Ticket. Or read more about it at www.keypersonofinfluence.com.au

You can bring whoever you like, (just send them the link).

Let me know if you’re coming and let’s catch up.


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Peter Engelhardt

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