Nothing really – but I got your attention and that’s the point of this article. It’s all about getting noticed – it talks about the steps that will make your online marketing work better for you.

This blog post is actually called;


“What exactly is internet marketing?”

So if you’re interested read on.

If you ask 10 people “what is internet marketing?” you’ll get 10 different answers. Assisting clients with strategy is where I focus and I tell my clients that online marketing is not that difficult once you understand some basic steps.

To demonstrate this, I break online down into three key concepts. By understanding these concepts it becomes much easier to master the art of online marketing.

The three keys are;


The first stage of any online marketing is all about laying down footprints so you build trust! You are aiming to get under the noses of potential customers.

By this;

  • I DON’T mean creating ways to get your website found
  • I DON’T mean sending out Look at Me messages
  • I DON’T mean shouting from the rooftops

I mean laying down pathways that will eventually lead people to your site. The key to understand here is that potential customers are only thinking about their needs; they may not be ready to buy, they may just be looking for answers, advice, pointers or knowledge. By providing them, they will remember you.

Think about laying down breadcrumbs so that they find your ‘content’ before they find your website. It’s the online equivalent to the soft sell. As they discover you via your content, trust builds. By the time they eventually come across your website there is familiarity and a relationship of sorts has been established.

By projecting your presence across the web using the likes of twitter, linkedIn, e-papers and more, you also increase your chances of having your content amplified or passed along.

To build a path to your door think about utilizing:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Pay per click (PPC)
  • Social media
  • Building a community
  • In our industry this is often referred to as ‘Earned Media’



Once you begin to make a mark out there it’s time to become noticeable. This is the stage where you reveal yourself. Having worked on being ‘noticeable’ you have earned the right to put yourself out there in plain sight.

Say I need help changing a battery on my old G4 (yes I’m a mac man). I go and search for “Change battery on my old G4.” Up pop seven different sites. But of those seven, only two are noticeable and catch my eye.


The keys to Online Marketing

Being noticeable is basically a core marketing concept – Targeting.

Check out these Facebook ads. Which one grabs your attention? No, it’s not a trick question. Different ads will appeal at different times to different people.


Find customers by targeting facebook users


I’m obviously being targeted here. I’m male and often get images of women dressed in less than more – the question, however, is: will I clickjust because she is blonde ? At different times, different ads are more conspicuous to. I love music and David Bowie is a hero, so for me this ad was the most noticeable or conspicuous.

To be noticeable, put the right message in front of me, when I need it.


OK, say I find you in a search result, but then I can’t find what I need on your site, you’re findable but lack immediate value. Your site lacks content, a good call to action. You haven’t told me what to do! Noticeability gets you seen.

Noticeability + Immediate value = customer engagement. That gets you a response.

By showing value I click. Valuable content provides the ‘great now what’ factor.

Noticeability and Value are always in tension. You can’t put 100% of your information on the front page of your website or corporate folder front page. So you have to layer information, letting folks learn as they go. By demonstrating your value (yes, it’s not easy) it lets me drill down and learn more, when and how I want to.

Value comes from great content, smart information architecture and great design working in unison. If your marketing touch point (i.e. website) is designed correctly and displays great content your prospects will want to drill further into your site.

If the information I need is available when I’m ready, the immediate value you sent my way turns into lasting value. You’ve won a customer.

Trust + Noticeability + Value = Customers. While not as simple as 1-2-3, I’d love to know if you agree.

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Peter Engelhardt - Director Creative Brew

Peter Engelhardt

Peter has a ridiculous amount of marketing and communications experience. He is an inbound marketing advocate and a new media enthusiast with a passion for spreading his knowledge and blogging. Above all he is the driving force behind Creative Brew and a proud dad.