Wow – welcome to the future…

The relationship between printed material, the screen (smart phone screen that is) and the viewer is set to change forever. Mobile devices are turning what was once a purely visual relationship into an exciting interactive experience.

In this future it will be commonplace for digital touch-points to be used by advertisers to influence, remind, direct and engage the viewer – or user.

Thanks to very recent developments in augmented reality we can now see a glimpse of the future with technologies such as Blippar (a mobile augmented reality advertising platform targeted for brand to consumer interaction) and Aurasma (the world’s first global platform visual browser) which will quickly render the QR code obsolete.

Yes, just as we were were coming to grips with QR Codes! But don’t fret, I’m sure they will remain easier and more cost effective to implement for a long time to come. What this change really demonstrates is that the “outdoor medium” is evolving and now becoming much more attractive for marketing because of the interactivity.

Think of outdoor as one of the few media channels which is waiting for our imagination to catch-up. It also demonstrates that traditional marketing is not necessarily dead and can, in fact, work alongside with online completely harmoniously!

See Blippar in action


See Aurasma in action