What are the advantages of having a high PageRank?

Does it benefit your website?

Your PageRank score is a crude way of measuring your website’s popularity. Google considers your PageRank as one of the main points while ranking your site in its search results. If you have a good PageRank then you have a high chance to be ranked above any other lower ranked page.

PageRank is one of the many Google Algorithms used to rank a site and is based on your back links. The key element Google uses to determine a PageRank to any webpage is the number of sites linking to the webpage and in turn their own PageRank value. It’s a bit like a popularly contest between high interest sites.

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Here are the four key reasons why you should pay attention to your website’s PageRank score:

1. PageRank adds authority and importance to your website
The higher a page is ranked, the better it will perform in organic search results.
2. A high PageRank is a measure of your site’s popularity
Although crude, your PageRank is a way of measuring your website’s popularity. The more sites linking back to your website is an indication that people consider your articles valuable. By reading your content, “Inbound links” are created which increase your traffic.
3. More spider action and more indexing
If your website’s pages have a high PageRank score, the Google spider is more likely to visit your site to index your articles or content. This is great and explains why Blogs are now so popular in business.
4. PageRank can attract advertisers
If you are aiming to generate income through paid links, pay per click or banner ads, how much you can get will largely depend on your page rank. The higher your PageRank, the more your advertisers will pay you.

PageRank is your key to credibility, lucrative advertisements and link partnerships. This is why so much importance is placed on effective SEO and SEM campaigns.

PageRank – how important is it?

Do you know what the advantages of having a high PageRank are? Does it benefit your website?

PageRank is a measure with a scale from 0 to 10.

PageRank 0-2: An indication Google sees you as a new website,  just starting out in the industry.

PageRank 3-6: This suggests you’re an established site which has proven its performance and already has some good back links. You should aim to rank around here within 10-12 months of launching your site.

PageRank 7-10: Now these are the industry leaders in that niche. You will find very few sites gaining a PageRank of 7 and above!

The big question – how do you increase your PageRank?

This is very hard to sum up here, but the key is to increase the number of pages in your website and link it with others. Get your webmaster to engage in networking to build relevant and high quality back links and look to a professional for more suggestions and help.

PageRank can be important for any website that depends on traffic from Search Engines, as your chances of getting ranked higher than other sites if you have a good PageRank are very good. I hope this has helped.

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