If you’re a business owner or a valued marketer, I’m sure one of your biggest challenges today is gaining the attention of new and existing customers online. Doing everything you can to differentiate your website from the millions of other websites out there is only the first step. You also need to attract potential buyers to your website using some of the many inbound marketing techniques available today.

Marketers the world over are experiencing entirely new media behavior and consumption. This has changed the rules of commerce forever and as marketers you should be doing everything you can to take advantage of this transformation.

One of the most overlooked and effective inbound marketing methods which is relatively easy to implement is the use of online news/press releases. This is my secret weapon and has the ability to provide more exposure to your company than you could possibly imagine. Here is a basic guide to creating online news releases that will market your company effectively.

1) Plan to grab their attention

  • Remember that your audience are professional journalists and media outlets, so write with that in mind
  • News releases should be easy to read and understand – forget technical terms and don’t try to impress with fancy jargon.
  • Think in terms of ‘benefit driven messages’
  • As with all of your online content, use keywords in the headline and throughout the news release to improve SEO
  • It is more powerful if you can provide the readers with a reason to use the information contained within the press release (think about an offer – discounts, something for free, etc.)

2) When it is appropriate to use press releases:

  • Product announcements or launches
  • If you’re a large business, send news releases if staff are promoted or new staff members join
  • When awards are received
  • When new business is won
  • To announce charitable events or causes
  • To announce financial results
  • New business acquisitions
  • When you implement a promotion or competition.

3) Most importantly, optimize your press release:

  • Images or video add SEO power to your news releases
  • Please, please, please remember to link your company name back to your website with a hyperlink
  • Keywords and phrases (relevant to your business) are just as important in a news release as they are in any online content
  • Make sure you use keywords and place links back to your website
  • Consider using a professional press release service to gain more attention.

Figures suggest that around 60% of journalists follow the news online and this is obviously on the increase. Combined with effective keyword search optimization, SEO link building and an overall inbound marketing strategy online, online press releases can play a major part in achieving higher rankings in the search engine results pages for all of your main keywords.

Next week I’ll provide a list of online PR and media links for you to consider using in your next press release.

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Peter Engelhardt - Director Creative Brew

Peter Engelhardt

Peter has a ridiculous amount of marketing and communications experience. He is an inbound marketing advocate and a new media enthusiast with a passion for spreading his knowledge and blogging. Above all he is the driving force behind Creative Brew and a proud dad.