Do you see social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) as one big distraction? Do you view the ‘real work’ that needs to be done, those tangible tasks that actually earn money and move your business forward, as your key priority?

Hey, I understand that – you manage a team, you design websites or you have a monthly sales target to meet. You focus on ‘real work’ and you want to see some kind of ‘real’ result. But by whose standards are you judging ‘real’ and how will you ever know if playing more in the growing online space can add to your ‘real work’ results.

Are you open to looking outside of your frame of reference when it comes to results?

My job is incredibly demanding, as I’m sure yours is. Between work, home, family and friends I have no more time. Yet as a marketer I’ve decided to absorb some (and I stress some) aspects of social media into my ‘real work’.

At first it felt like a cross between a luxury and a waste of time. Blogging, reading blogs, connecting on Twitter or browsing SlideShare for interesting content seemed selfish and not very productive in terms of making money.

Is it possible that work is changing?

I want you to consider that some (if not most) aspects of social media are working their way into everybody’s daily work patterns and that this is possibly a good thing.

Start to think about the ways the new connected social world might be sneaking into your world and becoming part of the ‘new normal’ of work today. 

’Connecting’ may have become an over-used word when it comes to describing this new social world, yet that is exactly what it is good for. Most jobs stand to benefit from connecting to either information, people, opinions, ideas, inspiration, tools, peers, colleagues – the list goes on.

Personally browsing content and using technology to push information to my inbox that directly relates to my key areas of interest is invaluable. Sure we are experiencing information overload out there; however, there are many easy ways to take what’s good from social media and leave the rest.

Reset your thinking

Could it be possible that social media IS now part of real work? Don’t dismiss these new possibilities as wasteful or empty. As technology evolves, so must business. We are all facing a new work space that is more connected and slowly replacing things that may not be relevant anymore, bit by bit.

I’ve found time in my day to include and continue to integrate these elements into all aspects of my work. This is now my new normal, and has quickly become simply the way it is.

The future is now

The traditional industries we grew up with are not only being turned upside down, they are being re-invented. On the surface it appears that the heart of this revolution is the transformation in technology, but I believe we are also experiencing a revolution in anthropology.

As every consumer on the planet becomes connected, the network becomes more than just a business tool; it becomes the ultimate lab for bringing new ideas to life. I love to see things change, but the real transformation happens when people do.

Is there a new normal emerging?

This is my perspective and the journey fascinates me, but I’d love to hear your thoughts – is a new normal emerging?. Think back a few months or a few years – are there new ways in which your work has changed that have become normal?

Has the growing online world changed the way you create or engage? Let’s all talk some more.

About the author

Peter Engelhardt - Director Creative Brew

Peter Engelhardt

Peter has a ridiculous amount of marketing and communications experience. He is an inbound marketing advocate and a new media enthusiast with a passion for spreading his knowledge and blogging. Above all he is the driving force behind Creative Brew and a proud dad.