Have you had a critical look at your website lately? Many businesses today still have a website that was conceived and built over 10 years ago. That was a time when a website’s importance in terms of marketing was undervalued. Consequently, budgets devoted to business websites were small and the site often reflected what we call in the industry a ‘brochure’ site.

If this sounds like your website, take some time now to look at it objectively. I’ll put money on it there’s a good chance it’s business-centric and primarily talks about you and your achievements. Am I right?

When assessing your website, the first thing you should keep in mind is that your customers simply don’t care about you. The chances are it’s only you and possibly your accountant who really cares. If your site does not talk about how you can solve a customer’s problems then all they actually see when they quickly scan your website site is blah, blah blah.

Think about it – does your website say….

  • Welcome, we’ve been in business blah blah
  • We make blah blah blah
  • We are committed to customer service blah blah?

The chances are, unless your content addresses your potential consumers’ concerns directly then your online ‘sell’ is going in one ear and out the other. And, what’s worse, the potential customer is moving onto a more engaging website (most likely your competition) within three seconds.

We are all in it for ourselves

People don’t visit small business websites for entertainment purposes. They don’t care about your history and your achievements, they don’t care about how awesome you are and they don’t care about lifting your click rate.

So what do your potential customers care about? Simple; they only care about themselves and when they are researching a subject on the net they only care about what your company can do for them.

Your content should be geared towards the benefits that your product or service can offer THEM!

Develop a benefit-driven focus

Think about this – you’re a law firm dealing in Family Law. When I go to your existing site, I read:

“We have been in the business for over 30 years. Our expertise is proven and our product is second to none.” Now that is company-centric copy.

For a more consumer focused approach, try this:

“Have you recently separated? Are you wondering what your options are regarding the children and property? You need a law firm experienced in handling Family Law cases. With over 30 years in the business, you can depend on our lawyers to know exactly how to guide you.”

The difference is immediately obvious. One is self-centered, the other shows with empathy that they know what problems a potential customer is facing and how they can help.

Show them you care about their business

So maybe it’s time to get the focus right. Drop the ‘we’ and think about how you address your customers’ needs! Turn the tables around and show them that you care and understand them.

Today more than ever, you should be aiming to stand out online – if you’re not willing to put in that extra effort then my recommendation is don’t bother at all.

About the author

Peter Engelhardt - Director Creative Brew
Peter Engelhardt

Peter has a ridiculous amount of marketing and communications experience. He is an inbound marketing advocate and a new media enthusiast with a passion for spreading his knowledge and blogging. Above all he is the driving force behind Creative Brew and a proud dad.