Peter Engelhardt
February 25, 2011

Search, search and more search. Everybody’s life is increasingly dominated by online activities. Planning a holiday, looking for a trailer to rent, pricing a new computer – it all starts with a Google search.

Peter Engelhardt
February 24, 2011

To say ‘thank you’ to their Facebook fans for getting them to one million ‘likes’, Heineken sent a team of Heineken Huggers out to the streets of Amsterdam, to give back some of the love. It does seem that Facebook […]

Peter Engelhardt
February 9, 2011

Shoppers are looking for someone to trust. In the light of an increasingly web-driven business environment, have you been asking yourself if your website content is keeping up with the changing online environment?

Kylie Taylor
February 5, 2011

Some social media mavericks are claiming that email is dead and, not surprisingly, the other mob (traditionalists) still defend email, citing its superiority when it comes to informing your customers.