The rapid infusion of technology invading marketing today and the growing need for marketing to perform in increasingly technical environments presents great challenges.

Technology has given customers greater control over the buying process. To remain effective, marketers have to work out ways to deliver relevant, timely content when and where the buyer wants to receive it.

This changing environment puts an intense focus on your ‘integrated marketing’ approach. Think end-to-end, closed-loop campaign creation, execution and analysis. Executed successfully this will benefit your business by streamlining marketing processes.

The ultimate aim for business is to create multi-channel engagement and automated personalised content delivery. If you don’t move swiftly and improve the links in this chain before your competitors do, making the necessary structural changes will only become an even bigger headache than it already is!

Lets talk truly integrated marketing!
Traditionally, the term ‘integrated marketing’ described an approach to branding and creative whereby a company would make sure its print campaigns mirrored its radio or TV spots and its direct mail campaigns. As online marketing became increasingly important, it also meant that the corporate website, email campaigns and banner ads, etc. reflected the theme of the offline content.

Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it?

Well, the real problem today is not the ‘integrated creative approach’ but the ‘integrated process’. Behind the scenes, in my experience, clients don’t actually have everything integrated. The new definition of integrated marketing now has to extend beyond consistency of message and begin to address consistency of process.

The ability to integrate your website with your business’s database, website forms and email marketing services tools may cost additional money upfront, but today it is becoming an essential. At Creative Brew we provide business with strategies and tools to truly integrate.

In practical terms, this means addressing a few key areas in your business:

  • Ensure an integrated creative approach across all of the possible marketing channels – no rocket science there!
  • Integrate your sales and marketing processes – soften the lines that separate all of your various marketing specialties.
  • Integrate the various marketing technologies used by your various marketing tacticians. This starts to become a bigger task but is key to calculating and improving ROI.
  • Begin to analyse and methodically measure your marketing and business metrics to better guide budget and resource-allocation decisions.

Just about every business uses email marketing to communicate with customers but unfortunately not every business integrates technologies, tests or measures their results. Simply using an email marketing tool does not mean that your efforts are relevant to customers, or even driving results. We recommend that businesses review their internet marketing strategies and tactics or risk falling behind the competition.