Peter Engelhardt

With Google now the first port of call for any property search, your web strategy should involve getting to the top spot in search engine results

Peter Engelhardt

When sales and traffic had begun to slip for the first time in its history, see how Starbucks successfully used social media to help turn around its fortunes.

Peter Engelhardt

The ‘social web’ is fast becoming a dominant force in terms of driving traffic flows on the Internet, threatening the major web players such as Google, and is something you ignore at your peril.

By far the best use of the internet and social media for showing the navigational capabilities of a mobile phone, Nokia erected a giant interactive signpost in the middle of London. Give them (or should I say their agency) a […]

Kylie Taylor

For any website to convert potential customers into a sale or enquiry, it needs to have a distinct “call to action”. This enticement should be aimed at engaging with your audience and encouraging them to leave their details, buy a […]

This idea really thinks outside the square. DUSTVERTISING – by using a local product and guerilla style tactics BP Visco Oil’s gets a message across to it’s audience.

How do you use your budget to plan a marketing campaign that is low cost, effective and drives business your way? Simple – you stop thinking within the boundaries of the budget. Here are seven wonderfully inexpensive ways to flesh […]