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You want a great brand, and so do we… it starts with a plan

If you plan and build your brand well, it shows you understand what you believe in and who you are. It will resonate emotionally with your customers, and as an internal compass it will drive your business decisions and motivate your staff.


Why are you here?

Your vision is your core, your passion, your belief. Articulating ‘why’ you are in business is what we do here. It has to be true, it will never change and you must follow it. Its purpose is to motivate, inspire, create focus and give you the ability to lead and grow your business.

Who are you?

If you have not clearly defined who you are, how can you expect your customers to figure it out? We reveal what makes your business special, if you are really meeting your customers needs and the experience you want to deliver.

What are you saying?

Everything you say, and how you say it, matters. It determines how you’re seen and remembered. You should consistently and repeatedly tell your market why they should do business with you. You’ll shape your key messages and how you should use them.


Strategic brand planning made simpler

Use the Plan2Brand eTool to create your strategy and grow your brand.

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Put together a lead-generating website that converts demand into customers

Driven by your brand strategy, a lead generating website attracts consumer interest and leads. It plays a vital role by demonstrating brand authority and building trust with your market.



Implement tactics that drive leads to your website

Build a sustainable relationship with your customers by providing opinion, resources and proof that you are a thought leader in your market.

Social media

Social media is a great way to share and promote content as well as directly engage prospects. Think of your website as your hub and the social media as the tentacles that find your prospects. The secret is your presence in all the various places on the web that are popular with your market and integrating all of these activities.


Blogging is a quick, efficient way of keeping your readers informed and up to date about your business environment and encourage instant feedback, letting you know how your audience feels. Crucially, the activity generated by a lively blog acts as a magnet to search engines.

Ongoing Content Creation

Designed to draw prospects to your site, value-packed content such as videos, e-books and webinars will position you as a thought-leader in your industry and attract search engines and social media ecosystems that target your market.

Think of it as leaving pots of honey strategically placed around the internet which your potential customers will sniff out, leading them back to you.


Offering freebies is an effective lead nurturing strategy. An offer campaign may include a Registration Form to be completed in order to gain access to exclusive content or a giveaway and will move prospects through the buying process while you pick up valuable data about them.

Email Marketing

Email marketing forms a vital link between your social media activities and your website. Well planned email marketing builds databases, helps retain customers and creates long lasting relationships with your clients and supporters.


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