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For start ups, entrepreneurs & small to medium sized businesses

Learn how to turn your business

into a powerful brand

On this program you will:
  • Learn about the 7 essential ingredients you need to craft your brand foundations
  • Create your brand foundations to clearly demonstrate your brands true passion, value and differentiation
  • Assess the present state of your business through a brand audit and develop a strategic brand plan to initiate your immediate and future marketing moves
  • Get heaps of support through webinars, videos, Q&As and community forums.
Enrolling now for: 30th Apr 2016

Get insider knowledge

Learn and understand how the big business create their brands and how you can too.

Learn your way

Content delivered by eCourse with options for half day or full day workshops.

Great value

Different eCourse and workshop options to suit every budget.

Learn to define your Brand Foundations using the

7 strategic steps

the BIG Brands use.

From Virgin to Apple, PayPal to Amazon, they’ve all built and plan their brands guided by these core foundations.



Find your true passion

History tells us that purpose driven brands out perform their competition by a factor of 12*.

It’s the difference you want to make and the spring board form which to grow your business and attract the like-minded, be they employee, customer or partner.

The 1st module provides a range of exercises to help you clarify your purpose and provides lots of examples from purpose driven brands to inspire you.



Make your ideal customer happy

Building personas for your core customers can help improve the way you solve their problems

You need to delve deep to understand their goals, challenges and needs.
By exploring and defining your most important features, functional and emotional benefits, your marketing efforts will be so much clearer and easier to execute..



Differentiate to dominate.

Your brand needs to be in a position where it can shout a clear point of difference.

When we have too much of the same, we can’t perceive value so price becomes the only comparison.
We will help you to explore your competitive landscape for unique or niche opportunities and give you exercise to help you think differently about your offering.



Focus on customer centric principles

Stay true to your ethics and goals

The most important values and principles that you want communicated are defined by your brand pillars.

They are the cornerstones of your business that guide decisions big or small, keep brand quality consistent, inspire and foster team buy-in and help you decide if an opportunity is the right fit.

You’ll get lots of examples from businesses who clearly demonstrate their pillars.



Make it, demonstrate it, keep it

It’s the shortest and simplest way to demonstrate exactly what you deliver and the value that differentiates your product or service.

Your promise guides your internal structures and marketing. It’s a great tool that many small businesses don’t have.
You can build trust and loyalty by continually telling and delivering on your promise
We’ll help you to articulate yours with a niffty formula!



Let your ideal future guide you

To build a brand you need to have a vision of where you are going and how you’ll get there.

We help you to articulate an action orientated vision that will help you and your team focus on specific short or long term goals as you work towards it.
You’ll get lots of examples from visionary brands to inspire you.



Show ’em you’re human

Positively shape how people feel about and interact with your brand.

Adopt emotional and associative human characteristics that will resonate with your tribe.

Explore your personality and define how your brand looks, talks and behaves to guide your marketing efforts. You’ll get lots of examples of some famous brand personalities and how they use them to attract their tribes.

…and then bring them to life with…
Your Brand Action Plan

With your Brand Foundations in place, map out objectives and tactics to bring your brand to life using your Brand Action Plan.

All your final results are conveniently available as a downloadable PDF.

Every step fits together like the parts of a jigsaw, building the strategic foundations for your brand. Communicating the various aspects of your strategy both internally and externally is the secret to building a great brand.

See what they can do for you…

Be more in control of your brand

With solid and strategic foundations in place and understanding who your target customer is, you’ll be more in control of your marketing strategy rather than using a ‘throwing mud on the wall and see what sticks’ approach.

Attract more loyal customers

By understanding the problems and issues your clients are experiencing, and demonstrating that you have the solutions to support them to overcome these problems, you build loyalty and create advocates for your brand.

Become the clear choice and beat your competitors

By creating a distinct and sustainable competitive advantage your brand will cut through the ‘noise’ and be remembered for its uniqueness, even in a competitive marketplace.

Build a website your customers will love

Clarity and focus on your point of difference, target market and brand personality puts you into the drivers seat so you can create bulletproof briefs your web developers and copywriters will thank you for.

Create powerful, clear and consistent messages

Having a clear understanding of your brand will ensure the content you deliver reinforces your brand’s position and touches the hearts and minds of your prospects.

Stand out with a consistent brand look and feel

Your Brand Foundations form part of your Brand Style Guide that brings consistency to your look, feel and experience to deliver. When you perform consistently, your brand becomes familiar. And familiarity breeds trust. When customers trust you, they will come back to your brand again and again.

Attract and assemble a great team

With a clear Purpose, Vision and Pillars guiding your brand, you’ll attract and inspire team members who believe what you believe and who will feel empowered to make decisions autonomously to support you, multiplying the effectiveness of your efforts.

Grow through better partnerships

A clear focus on the differentiated value your brand delivers and what you are ‘bringing to the party’ makes attracting partnerships and collaborating easier and more rewarding for everybody involved.

Get a higher ROI on your marketing investment

Narrowing your marketing by picking the best segment will help you focus your resources and messages and get the most out of every dollar and hour you invest in promoting your brand.

Think, Act & Grow like a Brand

Creating a new vibrant brand is a challenge which requires a sophisticated strategy. It is not just about a product and a name, it’s about a lot more. Learn how some brands become great brands and how you can become a great brand too.

We want you to have a

great learning experience

7 modules with step-by-step exercises & videos to guide you
Live coaching and Q&A session* each week to keep you on track
Community forums to bounce ideas with other eCourse members
Lots of successful brand examples to inspire e.g. Apple, Paypal, Amazon…
Unlimited access to course content, forever. Dip in and out anytime.
Private network to connect with like-minded business owners

(*Not available for Go Solo eCourse)

How does

the eCourse work online?

We want to make your learning experience a good one, so we have packed the eCourse with:
Informative & Aspirational videos.
Feature-rich content for improved learning.
Inspiring quotes from leading entrepreneurs and marketing experts.
Interactive tools.
Drag-and-drop idea generators.
Compatibility with all major browsers on desktop and mobile.

Content created with methodologies used by the world’s leading brands

The eCourse content has been:

  • Tested and refined with feedback from real business owners in face-to-face workshops.
  • Delivered to over 700+ entrepreneurs, as a brand partner with The Entourage, Australia’s leading education institute for entrepreneurs.

“Through teaching entrepreneurs and SME’s how to strategically build their brands, I’m fulfilling my passion to empower these wealth creators to stand apart, achieve longevity and continue to do amazing things in their communities and the World.”

Peter Engelhardt

Owner of Creative Brew, strategic brand and design company, helping small business to build their brands for over 25+ years

For 37 years we’ve helped businesses develop their brands,

but don’t take our word for it…

In my first interaction with Peter, a phone call from Sydney to Melbourne, I was scouring the country to find a branding agency that ‘got it’.

I knew within minutes that this was a guy who understands consumers, the science behind what builds great brands, and can systematically help people find their purpose and bring it to the forefront of their business through the medium we call ‘brand’.

Jack Delosa

Founder of The Entourage and BRW Young Rich List Member

You understand your business, but can get ‘bogged down’ in the day to day tasks. We already had some of the answers as to our business was about but the workshop helped us to ‘reveal’ and nail them. It focussed us on what we needed to do to communicate better.

After approval by the Board, it was an easier and clearer path with Peter and his team to do the rebrand of our logo, website and collateral. I don’t think we would have achieved so much in such a short space of time if we hadn’t commenced with the workshop.

Tim Paul

CFO of Buslink

There’s so much good stuff here – purpose, pillars, avatars, positioning, vision, brand promise and personality. It now all fits together like the pieces of a jigsaw and makes sense. Awesome.

Steve Lyddy

CEO of Successful Life Results

It doesn’t matter how big or small you are, if you want to get solidarity around who you are and how to present yourself as a brand, this course is a must.

Leora Givoni

Director at Small Act Major Impact

I do a lot of branding with my own clients but nowhere near this level. A real eye opener.

Rody Bajo

The Social Minute

I now totally get branding. I would highly recommend this to everyone in business.

Kerry Boulton

Author & CEO of The Exit Strategy Group

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If you don’t LOVE it, if you can honestly say you have not learned anything you didn’t already know about branding that you could apply to your business, then I insist that you get 100% of your money back – I’ll even eat the credit-card processing fees.

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  • 1 hr weekly online live group Q&A (x8) with Peter Engelhardt
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30th Apr 2016

  • Individual business
  • Your brand and business landscape reviewed by us prior to workshop
  • Workshop suitable for small teams
  • Unlimited access to eCourse content, forever
  • Access to community forums
  • Personal strategic brand consultation available

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Which eCourse should I choose to do?

The Go Solo eCourse eCourse is created for anyone who wants the freedom to complete the eCourse in their own time, without any ‘live’ guidance from Peter Engelhardt. The instructional videos and comprehensive content has been designed to educate and guide those who have some marketing ability and feel confident working through strategic issues on their own. Feedback or help can be accessed from other business owners in the Build-a-Better-Brand eCourse online forum.

For anyone who would like more guidance, the Supported 8 week eCourse offers access to a weekly webinar of coaching and Q&A’s with Peter Engelhardt. Each weekly module technically starts on a Saturday but you can dip in and out of the modules when you like. However, each webinar will give time only to the specific module for each week. It will take place mid week to give you time to get your questions together, and then to finish off your tasks before the next weeks module begins. The webinar will also be recorded if you are unable to attend. Feedback or help can also be accessed from other business owners in the Build-a-Better-Brand eCourse online forum.

Note: the Supported 8 week eCourse is limited to 20 people so all users have enough time to ask questions and clarify any issues they may have.

Is the Build-a-Better-Brand eCourse available worldwide?

Yes it is, although the live webinars for the Supported 8 week eCourse will take place during Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT). If you can’t make it for the live event, recordings of the webinars will be available online for participants of the Supported 8 week eCourse.

Is the Build-a-Better-Brand eCourse available in other languages?

No, it is currently only available in English, although you may be able to translate the page into your native language using services like Google Translate.

Is the Build-a-Better-Brand eCourse available offline?

No, it is currently online only, however this is a feature we will aim to add in the future.

What will I need in order to take the eCourse?

All participants will need:

  • A desktop computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.
  • Access to the internet via a browser.
  • An email account, and the ability to send and receive emails.
  • In-built or external speakers attached to your device.
  • The ability to play Youtube videos, which sometimes requires Flash Player.

Can I access the Build-a-Better-Brand eCourse on my mobile phone or tablet?

Yes, although you will be required to view videos, read text and complete various exercises, which can be difficult on smaller screens. For the best possible experience we recommend a desktop computer or laptop.

How long do I have to complete the eCourse?

Go Solo eCourse

You can start and complete each module in your own time.

Supported 8 wk eCourse

For each module, you are given 1 week to brainstorm and complete it. Each module includes a mid week live webinar with me, Peter Engelhardt, where you can ask me any questions you have on the module for that week.

While you have unlimited access to the eCourse, we generally advise that you aim to complete it within 2-3 months. While it’s good to reflect on your findings and return to develop them further, maintaining a reasonable pace helps keep the information and discoveries fresh in your mind. It also means you will make some specific decisions that will help towards your final step, your Brand Action Plan.

What do I do if I miss a webinar?

All webinars will be recorded and can be accessed online (Supported 8 wk group only) whenever it’s convenient for you.

We want to tackle this as a team. Can more than one person log into an account?

Go Solo eCourse

This course is intended to be worked on by an individual, even though we encourage collaboration with partners and/or teams. While it is possible for multiple users to log in to a single account, there is a high probability that you will overwrite each others workings, and so we strongly advise against it.

Supported 8 wk eCourse

This course is intended to be worked on by an individual, even though we encourage collaboration with partners and/or teams. While it is possible for multiple users to log in to a single account, there is a high probability that you will overwrite each others workings, and so we strongly advise against it.

For live webinars, we only allow a single person to tune in and post their questions.

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