Colour’s relationship with marketing and branding is very underrated. Colour’s effect is subconscious and mostly ubiquitous, we rarely notice it, yet it can increase a conversion rate on a landing page by 20 to 40% according to some studies.

The movie industry and its understanding and use of colour puts some marketing to shame.  Their use of blue-orange contrast in ads and posters (even when not relevant to the movie!) is often incredibly emotive and powerful.

Many of us rely on designers to use their intuition successfully to do this for us, but if science can be applied to make the correct choices it could be worthwhile to pay attention.

Science tells us that our eyes respond well to yellow, moderately to green + red, and are generally unresponsive to blue/purple. So how do we use this knowledge to our advantage?

I’ d like to draw your attention to Quicksprout’s Infographic, below, which is a great yet simple explanation of how colour affects conversion rates on websites and landing pages.

How Colors Affect Conversion Rate
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

photo credit: drewleavy via photopin cc